There are many resources available to help you train, such as books, magazines, websites and DVD’s. however, none of these resources provide you with an individualized training plan that takes into account your athletic history, your personal goals and your lifestyle situation. The coaches at PCS are committed to developing a personlized training plan made just for YOU. You will always be able to provide your coach with feedback and to ask your coach questions.

Our coaches, Jill Herrick, Mary Guertin, and Doug Guertin, have combined competitive experience of over 60 years in sports such as triathlons (on and off road), running, cycling, mountainbiking, and adventure racing. They’ve raced on 4 continents and in numerous National and World Championship races. They’ve bonked, tanked, stalled, suffered, and barfed. They’ve been dropped, lapped, and shattered, but more importantly they’ve learned and they’ve won. They’ve learned how to avoid these pitfalls, how to train, how to succeed, how to win and they can show you. Whether you want to finish your first 5k or break 10 hours in the Ironman, they can help you accomplish your goals.

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